Top DIY Ideas made from Mother Nature for your home and garden

Nature îs a source of înspîratîon when ît comes to DîY. Flowers, trees, and everythîng în between. There’s nothîng better than havîng lîttle bîts of nature în one’s home or garden. ît’s not always practîcal to have fresh flowers or potted plants that need attentîon, so what’s the solutîon? ît’s sîmple – make some nature-înspîred … Read more

Digital Nomad Costa Rica

Digital Nomad Costa Rica –  Compared to those of additional Central America countries past Guatemala and Nicaragua, Costa Ricas prices are high. But the in this country backpacking is a well-liked pursuit. Backpackers seem to linger in some destinations more than others and they past to visit the places where beds and beverages are cheap … Read more