7 Reasons Why Reading Culture Is Very Important

Reading is an activity that not only adds knowledge, but is also fun. When reading, we will be invited to “explore” to many places in various parts of the world – without the need to move from the favorite couch.

Unfortunately, the interests and culture of reading our society are still very low. The study compiled by Central Connecticut State University in 2016 placed Indonesia at number 60 of 61 “Most Litered Nation in the World”. Even though this one literacy activity has many benefits, you know, including:

1. Increasing Knowledge

It is common knowledge that reading is a very effective way to increase knowledge. From the book, you will get a lot of new information and knowledge that is not taught in any school. Yes, reading will make someone smarter and wiser.

2. Train the Imagination

When reading, we will be invited to “visit” places in various parts of the world that may have never been visited, “get acquainted” with new people, “meet” with a completely alien environment, and so on.

The more often the brain is exposed to reading, the more our imagination will be honed. Well, this imagination is directly proportional to the level of creativity. That’s why people who love reading are creative people.

3. Train Empathy

Believe it or not, reading habits, especially reading fiction, turn out to be very good for practicing empathy, you know. When enjoying reading, we will be invited to explore the lives and experiences of others, learn to understand complex human characters, and put ourselves in the position of the characters in the book.

That is why people who like reading are people who are sensitive, empathetic, and tend to be calm in their attitude because their minds are preoccupied with a lot of narration and analysis.

4. Healthy Brain

Physically, the reading culture turns out to also have a positive impact on brain health. When processing information, there are many neurons and tissues in the brain that are actively working, so that these organs can function optimally.

In addition to exercising focus and concentration, as well as improving memory – in the long run, reading habits also prove to be very effective in preventing senility that often occurs in old age.

5. Sharpen Communication Ability

If you are the type of person who is difficult to communicate with other people, try to overcome with lots of reading books. Reading will give you a variety of references and interesting topics to chat with the other person.
Even so with the little one. Children who are accustomed to being involved in literacy activities early on, such as listening to tales before going to bed, are proven to have good communication and negotiation skills than those never introduced to books.

6. Remove stress

Reading is a very appropriate alternative to relieve stress. Apart from being cheap, this one activity can also be done anywhere; at home, in the office, in the restaurant, at the station while waiting for the train, or even on the bus. Now, if your goal is to release stress, choose a type of reading that is light, such as novels, magazines, or comics.

7. Improve the ability to speak

Want to speak English fluently without spending a lot of money on a course? Read a lot of books! Reading is an effective way to improve language skills — especially in children.

Yes, our literacy skills and language usually depend on how many books we have read.

Now, you know, right, how important is the reading culture for yourself and the environment? Hopefully this article can be a trigger for you to be more enthusiastic about reading, huh!