20 Brilliant Craft Projects to Make and Sell

One of the tricky ways to spice up and enhance the personality of your house interior is to take full advantage of the crafts. Put your wild imagination as well as gumption to good use with these following prodigious craft projects!


Macramé Hanging Planters


The Bohemian-style fiber art might be something new for you. If you wish to apply that, you can go with the macramé hanging planter. To execute how-to-make stuff, you can’t pay no attention to the jute twine, cane ring made of rattan, and wooden beads.

Winsome DIY Floating Shelf

The idea of inventing the hanging rack goes with two objectives – usability and loveliness. Whether it is occupied or vacant, this piece of work made up of refined wood persistently looks nothing but awe-inspiring.

Wood and Copper Pipe Table

If you find your bedside table featureless and unimaginative, you might replace with this guy. The amalgamation of copper pipeline and a chunk of wood give rise to an impression dropping your jaw.

Cute Tiny Planters plus DIY Shelf

Initiate the minimalist design of yours with the simple-look shelf hanging on the wall. And eventually, put a twist by placing an array of mini planters that hold cute cacti in a row.

Elegant Plywood Floor Mirror

Make use of the remaining plywood pieces by creatively modifying them into a chic floor mirror. Install a couple of racks to store your stuff from memorable trinkets to your fancied accessories.

Brass Hanging Planter

Another sophisticated craft project to have a try could be the DIY brass-based flowerpot beautifully hanging. The one-of-a-kind piece of work gets much inspiration from himmeli ornamentation. Is it easy to construct that? The answer is definitely yes.

Quaint Light Bulb Terrariums

Nylon thread and an unused light bulb are the basic materials to form a terrarium. Once you stick the thin strand of fibers to the tip of the lamp, you are free to fill in the bulb with a collection of pearly white pebbles and tiny shrubs.

X-Shaped Magazine Holder

Having no idea where to organize the scattered magazines and newspaper? Why don’t you create an X-shaped, wooden holder to fix the mess? With the left plank and table saw, this undemanding craft can finally be present.

Sea Shell Planters

To those belonging to the group of shell devotees, you should go with your passion by bringing the concept of shell planters into reality. Terracotta pots, green plants, as well as the adhesive are the objects you can’t leave out.

Hanging Shelf, the DIY Version

To make a hanging shelf is pretty straightforward – simply tie up each side of rectangular board with the thread and directly hang on the wall surface. Voila, the space to place your favorite knick-knackery is geared up for the extra use.

Lovely Floating Flowers and Leaves

Add the nature sense with these easy-to-make crafts. When exploring the outdoor life, you could pick up the dried twigs, drifted leaves, and fallen flowers. This good-looking artwork factually is convenient to the windowsill of yours.

Tassel Wall Hanging


This enticing project is impeccable to touch up your empty wall. From simple tassel work to the most upscale creation, this idea can be performed either by kids or adults.

Himmeli Diamond


If you want more variation (dealing with hanging your plant), the himmeli diamond is such a brilliant preference. Use the metal accounts to shape the erect geometric structures. By this decoration, the Scandinavian atmosphere superbly emerges.

Stupefying Tufted Pillows


You don’t need to be a skillful skewer to make a beautiful tufted pillow. Just provide the required materials such as contrasting fabric, thread, cover button, as well as embroidery floss. The tools of choice include the sewing noodle, sewing pins, and scissors.

DIY Water Lilies

Instead of getting rid of the obsolete plastic spoons, you might exploit them as a unique craft – a water lily candle holder. Cut the cutlery (just remain the shallow bowl) and stick the heads to a small glass.

Glazy Himmeli Geometric Sculpture

Bring out the comforting setting to the entire space with the himmeli geometric sculpture. To realize this, you are required to prepare the golden metal accounts, thread, and tiny ceramic pot.

No-Sew Pillows with Bohemian Style

Accenting the contemporary elegance to your home interior with the Bohemian no-sew pillows is extremely recommended. The cushions also come with the opulence.

Graceful Feather Pendant

Augment the feminine side of your dining or living space with the feather pendant. The lady’s twist is needed to perfect this creation.

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

Continue your smart craft project with the DIY honeycomb shelves. These are uniquely made up of Popsicle sticks.

Mini Aquarium from Mason Jar

A sweet fish tank from a jar will be the shining scheme to perform. For more colorful display, you can include white pebbles and artificial sea creatures.

It is not such a tough task to experiment with the craft projects. From floating shelf to jar aquarium, everything deserves a try.


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